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10ml Vial Labels

کیفیت خوب 10ml Vial Boxes برای فروش
کیفیت خوب 10ml Vial Boxes برای فروش
all received and signed for with no problems, I am very pleased with the product, very professional finish and nice hologram effect. Excellent work!

—— Don Johnson--UK

WOW WOW WOW!i am very very impressed with the quality and the prouduct you have made,you have gained a long term customer in me!

—— Mark Right--USA

I must say I'm really impressed. All label and box look amazing. A big thanks to you for your help. we will certainly do more busienss with A-source!

—— Rauk---Switzerland

Everything is ok. I am starting to filter oils and packing the Products next week. So hopefully there will be another order as soos as possible

—— Azucar--Spain

Well received parcel without problem,Good quality my partner said!

—— Micha michka---Netherlands

Hi the label are good and custom without problem,good job!

—— Simon--New Zealand

Thank you so much they were perfect, and box color was a little bit grey and it looks like much better very professional.

—— Steve--Armenia

Thank you for great jobs, label box with hologram are perfect, I am impressed! Plastic trays can suit for 2ml vial and box as well!

—— Paul--CA

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معرفی شرکت A-SOURCE INDUSTRY CO .LTD سازنده ای است که در سال 2007 تاسیس شد ، صاحب دو شاخه است ، منبع A صنعت کارخانه چاپ گوانگژو مسئول داروسازی و چاپ بسته های بهداشتی است ، توسعه صنعت نامگذار... ...    ادامه مطلب